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Video Production Tips - 5 Good Reasons To Train On The Canon 5D-7D

Av Jason Oconner - 23 juni 2011 16:08

Everything started approximately 24 months ago, when Canon launched it's Eos 550d 5D Mark II, the earth's first Digital slr having a 1080p video function. Twelve months later and also the 5D was a millionaire, compelling Canon release a the follow-up 7D, which many customers appear to prefer because of it's simpler-to-use video function, plus the benefit of slow-motion functionality. Since that time, Canon has additionally launched the 550D, with lots of some of the best producers (most particularly Nikon) following suit, by creating similar DSLRs that shoot high quality video. It might appear just a little ironic, but the way forward for video production may be during these cost-effective, user-friendly and versatile "stills" cameras. If you wish to make the most from your shoot (as well as your clients' budgets), I'd recommend using the Canon 5D / 7D. Listed here are my top 5 reason Display Quality and Colour. The cameras record full HD, 1080p, at a variety of frame rates (including slow-motion about the 7D). Canon's 5D and 7D range also handles colour (without certifying or colour correction) fantastically well. In comparison to Sony's EX CAM range or Canon's own XL cameras, the color is much more filmic and considerably less 'video'. This really is because of numerous factors like the camera's "Multiple Picture Styles" function, which enables the consumer to complement the color style towards the subject, along with the camera's superb resolution and Full Frame sensor. Its enhanced quality does mean you can use it for greater finish shipping, for example TV, all at a small fraction of the price of shooting Digi-Beta or HDCAM. Although from a technical perspective, the standard from the DSLR's is not quite up to a Digi-Beta, HDCAM or Red-colored, the price of shooting about the 5D/7D can also be a smaller amount, supplying incredible affordability. Size. The little, lightweight DSLRs tend to be more discreet than bigger format cameras.

They offer inconspicuous solutions for documentary style shoots and urban film-making, allowing you to have more natural is a result of contributing factors and high-quality shots from tough to achieve places or unusual angles. Cost. The 5D and 7D come just a small fraction of the price of many HD camcorders available, for example Sony's EX range. Although DSLRs do not have quite exactly the same user-friendliness as professional camcorders, this can be a really small cost to cover the great image quality they provide. Interchangeable Contacts. Getting such a multitude of interchangeable contacts available, implies that Canon's Digital slr range - both 5D and also the 7D - is perfectly suitable for a multitude of difficult shooting conditions and deliver a variety of styles. Whether you'll need a shallow or deep depth of area, the contacts these cameras are suitable for can more often than not give a solution, creating much better results than most standard contacts supplied with HD videos cameras, like the The new sony EX3. Great Stills. The 5D and 7D also shoot unbelievable stills. Themselves, they're broadly regarded as one of the most versatile and finest DSLRs presently in the marketplace. So i have listed 5 reasons to utilize a Canon 5D MKII or 7D in your next video production shoot.

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